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Some Pokemon plush wants!

Hello, all! I haven't posted very much other than wants, I apologize for that, but one of these days I'd love to show a pic of some of my collection! For now though, here's some of my wants as far as plushes go:

Funny story, this Aipom plush was actually the very first pokemon plush I ever owned! I got into Pokemon starting with Pokemon Diamond when I was around 10, and this was the first plush I was able to find on my own when the Pokemon Center US website was still up back in the day. Unfortunately, I've since lost it, and I've been looking to get it back someday.

Next is this Furret plush from Tomy. Furret is one of my top 5 favorite Pokemon of all time and for some reason this is one of the only plushes i've seen of furret that I really like! Probably because it's so fluffy :)

and finally my grail, this Jakks Pacific Pikachu plush meant to promote Explorers of Sky. Sky is my favorite game of all time and I don't have much merch from the PMD series to speak of! And this Pikachu plush is just so dang cute, I would love to be able to own it for myself. The last one I got on here, I gave to a close friend because she really wanted it. 

And that's about it! Thanks for stopping by my post :)


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