jacek_hazmat wrote in pkmncollectors

Dragonite Kigu!

Very recently my mother, who makes kigurumis, made me a Dragonite inspired one! Some of you on the discord channel may have seen this already, but I wanted to show it off a bit more! 

Now rather than only collecting Dragonite...I can BE the Dragonite! =O so comfy...
Showing off that chunky tail! I love the cute little smile and nostrils as well <3
I can't get over how cute the wings are tooooo I love them so much! They have wire inside of them too so I can bend their shape a bit if I'd like!
She lined the inside of the hood with fabric that features some of my favorite Pokemon, both Dragonite and Lapras can be found on here along with many other awesome Pokemon!
The pockets are deep and lined with Pikachu and Pokeball fabric she bought at JoAnns!
The tail even has a really nice handle so I can hold it rather than let it drag if I go outside or somewhere not as clean! Very nice touch!

I am very grateful she took the time to make this for me, knowing how much I enjoy collecting Dragonite things! I would highly recommend checking out her other work on Facebook and Instagram at WyndChymeKigus . She does take commissions on Pokemon inspired kigus and OCs! 


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