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Small gets and riser display question!

Hi, all! I got some cute little gets, and a question about displays!

As a huge Pokemon food fan, when I learned that was doing a whole Pokemikke promotion, I knew I had to get in on the fun! As far as I can tell, they took the original Pokemikke artwork from the Japanese promotion and made new merch with it, and it's all terribly cute! I love the ice cream bowls shaped like cones!

The item on the left is a stationary set, and is filled these these cute sticky notes on the inside! Now I just have to bring myself to use them...

My friend went to Japan, and brought me back these super cute items! He knows how much I love Pokemon food, and he found a gashapon with that old Pokepuff charm set, and got me one! I just can't believe he managed to find one fro like 2014, ahaha.

Now for my display question: can I find large display risers that are also clear and nice-looking?

Context: I got these gorgeous Ikea display shelves that I absolutely adore. They store the majority of my and my partner's collections, and they look classy and keep things mostly dust-free! (They're called Klingsbo, I'd highly recommend them but it looks like the site is no longer stocking them!)

As you can see on the top left, I now have a TON of tiny Pokemon food figures! They're mostly Re-Ment sets, as well as a few others. I bought even more of these tiny figures, but I don't think they'll all fit! Plus, because the glass shelves are spaced so far apart and the figures are all so tiny, I want to believe I can make better use of that vertical space by adding some risers or something.

I got these clear acrylic risers off Amazon, and I love them! I used them for displaying my zukan collection (top right in my photo), and they're beyond perfect. But I feel like they'd be way too narrow and small to try and fit my tiny collectibles.

So does anyone know where I can find risers that are clear like those ones, but significantly wider? Ideally, I'd like them to be about 13"x13" and 3-5" inches tall. I guess in essence this would be making a mini shelf, haha. Is there a place that sells them this size, or makes custom display risers? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

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