Daniel (hawlucha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick wants post

Does anyone have the IT'S DEMO Umbreon plush from this set for sale?

Or alternatively, would anyone want to split with me and get the Espeon if I found them in an auction?

Also looking for a hopefully cheap Pokemon Time Umbreon plush!

EDIT: I also kinda... really want to buy this Lapras. The 34 inches Jumbo one from the Pokemon Center.

Before I try to order it though, I'd love to know if someone who already has it could measure its exact size and weight, and let me know, so I can try and calculate how much shipping from a US middleman to me in Italy would be... >.>
Or if someone has it for sale, that might work as well, used condition is completely fine with me.

Thank you in advance and happy collecting!!
Tags: lapras, umbreon, wanted, wants
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