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Hi all, thought I’d share a funny story about a plush lot I bought on eBay a while back. I got it because it had an Ash plush in it I’d never seen before, but it also came with a Gabumon (Digimon), a Sypro and a Play by Play Bulbasaur plush. Although I bought it for Ash I was really looking forward to having the Bulbasaur plush that I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. However, after getting him out of the box his face wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, and I nicknamed him ‘Old man Bulbasaur’!

I decided to sell him until…I felt he was worth way more than I’d be able to sell him for and realised I was actually just too attached to him! XD.

I guess Pokemon always make me sentimental, it reminds me of that episode where Ash regrets trading Butterfree or where the big Bulbasaur was abandoned in the sewers. So yeah, I still have him and tbh I’m starting to find his face cute now! :)

As for the Ash plush, at first I thought he was a super good custom because he had no tag, but luckily I found an old post on the comm about him (post here and discovered he was also Play By Play. I also found out my poor Ash is missing his jacket and that there are two other size versions, including a jumbo size! (which I now want too)

Has anyone else had something similar happen? Has it ever kickstarted a new side or even main collection? :D
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