popper (raipop) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone doing pickups for the 2018 PC Yokohama Renewal Opening Campaign?

Hello. You may already know about this event. I was checking the information about this event posted on NintendoSoup a few days ago and I found out that there will be merchandise for this campaign that will be sold throught all the Pokemon Center and Pokemon Stores in Japan from November 9 to December 2, and there wil also be merchandise that will be exclusive to PC Yokohama,(still no pictures of any item) and this is the merchandise that I really worry could be sold out before I get a chance to buy them for a fair price or buy them at all.

I have already messaged some highly trusted stores that re-sell Pokemon merchandise (ones that I have already bought from and are reliable and trusted by many) inquiring if they will sell this merchandise and I am still waiting for a response from most of them.

I am almost sure none of these sellers live near the city of Yokohama. Fingers crossed they will sell the merchandise. The more options there is the better.

I think exclusive PC merchandise is not only the more limited but also always the best of any campaign.

Thank you for reading and for any information or help you provide.
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