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Hello everyone! I've got some sales, and hope to find these plush good homes :3

Here's a preview of the goods:

Anything can be combined with my regular POKEMON SALES HERE and my OTHER SALES which both have updates!

Shipping Info:
+Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014!
+Link to my feedback:
+All pkmncollectors rules apply, and I will not sell to banned members.
+I ship from Massachusetts and I don't ship internationally.
+Prices are in USD.
+Paypal only. Please send payment as goods, with your username and what you purchased in the memo.
+After you receive a quote please pay within 48 hours.
+Items are from a smoke free, but pet friendly home. I own fish.
+I cannot ship weekends, but if you need a specific day for something to be shipped I'd be willing to work something out. I typically ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
+I ship first class mail with tracking numbers, unless specified.
+I'm not responsible for items lost in the mail. Please inform me if you'd like to add insurance.
+Please leave feedback when your items arrive, I'll return the favor!

Shipping starts at $3.75 and goes up depending on weight.

  • Banpresto Sitting I Love Mew (TTO) = $25

  • Antique Eevee Kuji (Prize A) (TTO) = $45

  • Banpresto Big Head Chimchar plush (MWT) = $5

  • Mini Litwick pokedoll keychain (TTO) = $9

  • TOMY Leafeon laying Plush (TTO) = $20

  • TOMY Glaceon laying plush (TTO) = $20

  • Lapras kutakuta (TTO) = $60

  • Banpreto Diancie (TTO) = $20

  • MPC Furfrou (TTO) = $10

  • MPC Aurorus (TTO) = $4 (Missing a diamond on side, shown in pic)

  • Banpresto Rockruff (TTO) = $20

  • I Love Eevee (Laying) (TTO) = $32

  • Jakks Pikachu (TTO) = $3

  • MWT Build a bear Pikachu (hoodie included) = $20

  • Laying Tomy talks-too-much Pikachu (TTO) (works and speaks) = $10

  • Pikachu Hat = $5

  • Pokemon Magazine (I don't think includes poster) (x2) = $3 Each

  • Pokemon Heros (Movie 4) DVD = $3 (I dunno if it works. I can watch through to see if there's any issues before you buy.)

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