newbneet (newbneet) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Largest Dialga Figure?

Hi there community! It's me again, still looking for large legendary figures! This time, I'm curious about Dialga, I have Jakks Dialga and Palkia figure but they still need to be larger to be perfectly in-scale, especially Dialga.

So, what is the largest Dialga figure available? I have Jakks Dialga but I just found out there's a lot of other large Dialga figures like the Japanese Electronic Dialga and Battle Shooter Dialga.

The Battle Shooter figure is the one that caught my attention since it seems to have potential to be larger than Jakks Dialga, which makes me curious, how big is this figure compared to Jakks Dialga figure?


Battle Shooter Dialga pictures below the cut:

Tags: dialga, palkia
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