Pumpkaboo_patch (pumpkaboo_patch) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone wanna hear what McDonald’s Pikachu sounds like?

So! I recently got the McDonald’s Pikachu plush for my sister-in-law! She just started getting into Pokemon (score!) And has reeeeallyyu been wanting a plush Pikachu. And, after much debate, I settled on this cutie! After I gave it to her I asked if she’d like it to talk, since it was so old the batteries it had at the moment we’re dead. She said yes, and so I went to work...

I started out by locating the battery pack and finding the best seam to tackle it at. I decided on the top back of the neck. After seam ripping I pulled out the pack only to discover hat it was wrapped in a weird mesh sack. Probably to keep stuffing from interfering with its electronics. There was also an obscenely small screw to unscrew, but after that the battery pack was opened!

I was surprised to see what looked like watch batteries in this guy! I thought they’d be normal triple A batteries. Instead these were labeled as AG13 batteries. I replaced them with batteries of the same size but different letter/numbers.

Also, look at all how worn the batteries are! That’s what happens when you sit in a plush for 17 years! xD Even the connection points of the battery pack itself were affected. It turned blue!

And now for the new batteries. Look how shiny and new they are!

Finally I tucked the battery pack back into its mesh sack, stuffed it back in Pikachu, and sewed him up with a ladder stitch! Good as new!

And finally... The drumroll...



Tada! And there you have it! Isn’t it so cute?? It only has one phrase, but an adorable one it is!

Thanks for looking/watching/reading all of this! xD Hope you guys are having a nice night!

Edit: Spelling
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