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WCT Rowlet review + Azumarill get

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well! My local Meijer has recently gotten a ton of the new Wicked Cool Toys stuff in, and I ended up not being able to resist the Rowlet plush :') The little owl is one of my very favorites from Gen VII and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to get a plushie of them! Anyway! Click the cut for pics and my review of the little guy~ (plus a super cute Azumarill get)

Here he is!

A very sweet, round boy. He's in a neutral pose, but I think that's how Rowlet shines as a design- he's just simple and cute! I like how his little legs are defined, and he's got 3D feet that he can stand on pretty well. The little notch in his beak is super cute and makes you just want to kiss it. If there's anything I'm not crazy about here, it's that his leaf bow tie is just flat. The fabric is super soft, by the way, like a smooth minky.

Still adorable in profile view. His little wings have some embroidery.

I like how there's an embroidered detail for his back feathers, and the tiny leaf tail looks nice, as well. There's no felt or velboa details here, he's completely silky <3

So yeah, I definitely recommend this guy! I've named him Basil after my buddy from Moon. I honestly probably wouldn't have ordered him online, but seeing him in person really made me melt, haha. There's something special about picking out plush in person.

I've got one more plushie to share today~ Without getting too personal, I had a scary experience recently that ultimately ended happily, so my mother-in-law sent me this Azumarill as a pick-me-up prize ;_; <3 My family (including in-laws) are all really sweet and supportive of my Pokemon addiction, haha.

My boy Jones~!! (With his accompanying Jones soda namesake) I have been wanting a nice quality Azumarill plush for a loooonnng time, and Sanei delivered! <3 If you've seen any of my other posts, you already know that I'm crazy about this plush line- every single one I own is a treasure. Soft, adorable, well made, and cheery <3

Have a great end of October!
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