presleyhydrei (presleyhydrei) wrote in pkmncollectors,

October Gets

Hey all! I think I got my last package for a while, so I figured I would do an update! Anyway, here we go!

Well, after 3 years since commissioning this plush, the artist came back online after 2 years being MIA, and I finally got it! So yay lol, say hi to shiny Hydreigon!

Next, I finally got the WCT Jangmo-o figure without having to buy the belt combo! And it actually has a better paint job than most I've seen.

Also got my sleeping Popplio preorder! Way softer and squishier than I imagined, and I'm in love!

Got this cutie today! I love the ultra guardians lol

Here is my new and improved Popplio huddle lol

Lastly, I got all my Halloween promos! I love them, especially Sableye, his smile is so creepy cute!

And here is my full collection photo!

Thanks for reading through! I now have all my Popplio wants here or on the way, caught up on my Jangmo-o collection (except the pan stickers but those are easy enough), and now I am collecting Sableye plush! So that's my little update lol. Feel free to check out my collection site!

Tags: ampharos, gets, hydreigon, jangmo-o, mimikyu, popplio, sableye, umbreon
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