polahbear (polahbear) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Totals before shipping + added Claims/Reminders

osakaxkurausu Halloween gengar plush $29, halloween pumpkaboo plush $29, gengar/pumpkaboo metal charms $20, pikachu fan gengar mascot $19, pikachu gengar mascot charm $9, gengar pc puppet $6

sunlightblossom Dedenne Halloween Mascot $21, halloween sylveon $29, treat acrylic charm sylveon $11, treat acrylic charm dedenne + eevee $20, treat acrylic charm whimsicott $8, blind ball mareep $18, pikachu fan whimsicott mascot $19, pikachu fan whimsicott charm $9, alola vulpix awake/asleep kuttaris $30 + awake/asleep sylveon kuttaris $30

tehseto halloween mimikyu metal charm: $9 + 3 for shipping to the Us + fees =

yellowmudkip halloween rotom metal charm $9, lycanroc awake/alola vulpix awake/whimpod awake kuttaris $45

yuwaku_kun awake/asleep alola vulpix kuttari $30, Umbreon halloween charm x2 $22, eevee acrylic halloween charm: $10

bottledketchup espeon halloween acrylic charms: $11

jadekitty777 Espeon treat charm + sylveon treat charm: $22, pikachu treat charm $7 + jolteon/flareon its demo charms: $22

midnitesilven pikachu halloween charm: $7, slowpoke pikachu fan charm: $9

reiadarkim awake/asleep lycanroc kuttari $30

pepperzarklycanroc asleep, whimpod awake kuttaris: $30

neeko48 alola vulpix awake + asleep kuttaris: $30

doryphish333litten awake/asleep kuttaris: $30

nasija PT rowlet gatcha $10, yurrito rowlet gatcha: $9

diamondphantom jolteon incase fig $12, Lillie PT gatcha $9

kurouneko alola vulpix awake x2/asleep: $45 (I know you paid a little extra, what's extra will be put into shipping (sorry this way it's easier for me)

lovestyle awake/asleep lycanroc, awake/asleep popplio, awake/asleep alola vulpix: $90

pokechris99 popplio asleep, lycanroc asleep, litten awake, buzzwole awake, alola vulpix asleep $60, vulpix + slowpoke finger puppets $12

lycanrocsawake lycanroc, awake mew, asleep sylveon $45

presleyhydrei awake/asleep popplio, awake whimpod kuttaris $45

abarero Litten awake/asleep $30

lone_enigma eevee + magnemite finger puppets $12, awake/asleep lycanroc, awake/asleep litten, whimpod awake/asleep kuttaris $90

mcnuggetsauce popplio awake, litten awake, rowlet awake, whimpod awake kuttaris $60

samakista rowlet asleep $15

purpleshinx awake/asleep vulpix $30

kawaiikon awake/asleep vulpix $30

eddictedbronyvulpix finger puppet $6, whimpod awake $15

ashlilyneko Mew tea cup figure: $11

film vaporeon incase figure + mew tea cup figure $23

riolu pikachu fan charm riolu $9

nefhithiel munchlax fan charm: $9

chihiiiro gengar + eevee finger puppets $12

tayran Whimpod kuttari + shipping/ fees = 18 + fees = $18.85 USD

osakaxkurausu and zenmekir I know I owe you shipping total

deranged_girl I'll get you your total asap next week including shipping + the PC stuff hahas x_x;;

These are for the claims that were filled! if your item that you were looking for is not on here, it's probably because it's either on the way or could not be filled. People who have already paid for their items, I have marked you down, if I messed up or is missing something, please let me know >___< I sorta quickly did this total for the people who are anxious about their items.

Please comment if you want items shipped now and I will give you a shipping total. If you have told me before, I'm terribly sorry. It's a lot easier for me this way for people to confirm after seeing what's left to pay, if you need to know what items you have paid for that isn't on this list, please let me know and I will get back to you soon! for the people who have their shipping quote, please send it to jnnyan@yahoo.com with what your lj name and what you bought in the notes!

Oct 27th releases
https://polahbear.livejournal.com/3989.html <--- for finger puppets
https://polahbear.livejournal.com/3755.html <--- ditto promo (Acrylic charms only have 2 claimed, unless I can get the set claimed, I won't be able to do them x_x;;)

yokohama + amigurumi claims
Here are new claims! please click the image to be transported :)
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