denryu4u (denryu4u) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Christmas Want

Hello, everyone, long time no post! My collecting has been put a little on the back burner lately, but I am still lurking and buying here and there. ^^

I'm here for a particular want today and it's not ampharos for once! I am looking for this slowbro Christmas tree:

(Pic not mine- please let me know if it's yours and you'd like me to remove it).

I meant to keep a lookout over the summer and grab one, but I totally dropped the ball and here we are at the end of October! Hoping I can still manage to find one!

Ideally, I'd like him to be in good condition with all the charms, but will look at everything. ^^ Also, I am located in the US. If you are international, I would greatly appreciate a shipping estimation/quote!
Tags: slowbro, wants
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