reslandero (reslandero) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for: Sceptile GX from Lost Thunder

Hello fellow collectors ^^

The newest TCG set Lost Thunder has Sceptile GX among its previous evolutions. That means my Sceptile card collection is no longer complete :( Prereleases are currently taking place. There were some here in Finland as well but I was unable to attend them...

Does anyone have Sceptile GX? I will need all alternative arts. The ones on eBay etc. are all overpriced because the set is new. I also need Treecko and Grovyle from the set (both regular and reverse holo). Unfortunately, Sceptile GX is not a good card so I don't have to unretire from TCG :D

Thank you in advance and have a good weekend ^_^
Tags: grovyle, sceptile, treecko
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