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* Updated Sales! Wave 2 * FREE shipping + No fees!

Hello! I’m back with another wave of plush looking for new homes!
For now I am still offering free shipping (within US) + no fees

- Sales permission granted by areica96 on January 1st, 2018
- Feedback Link
- Prices are in USD via Paypal
- Shipping is from TX, USA
- Only shipping withing the US for now
- Payment due within 24 hours
- Once I ship the item it is no longer my responsibility, I will provide tracking number
- Please be aware I have 2 dogs, in case of any allergies
- PKMNCollectors rules apply

More pictures/tag condition close ups available upon request

MWT Rayquaza Pokedoll: $30

JPN Rotom Heat Pokedoll MWT: $32

Secret Base Cyndaquil Pokedoll MWT: $40

JPN Ambipom Pokedoll MWT: $30

JPN Croagunk Pokedoll MWT: $28 SOLD

Zorua Pokedoll MWT: $22

Regigigas Pokedoll MWT: $25

Oversized Reshiram Pokedoll MWT: $35 (x2 available)

Oversized Secret Base Treecko Pokedoll MWT: $20

JPN Woobat Pokedoll MWT: $13

JPN Popplio Pokedoll MWT: $20

Mew Pokedoll MWT: $20

JPN Cottonee Pokedoll MWT: $13

Lapras Pokedoll MWT: $20

JPN Keldeo Pokedoll MWT: $13

JPN Sylveon Pokedoll MWT: $22

JPN Cincinno Pokedoll MWT: $20

JPN Minccino Pokedoll MWT: $20

JPN Rotom Mow Pokedoll MWT: $22

Meloetta Pokedoll MWT: $13

JPN Meloetta Pokedoll MWT: $13

Litwick Pokedoll MWT: $20

Primal Kyogre MWT (JPN): $28

18” Play by Play Charizard: $28

Tags: plush, pokedoll, pokemon, sales
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