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Collection Post! (and a question)

Hello everyone! I mostly lurk and recently I've been on the comm less, partially due to the fact that I've been slowly nearing my original collection goal - to get every official shiny plush and figure released. I only need 34 more items!(which sounds like a lot now that I've typed it out...) Anyway! I was keeping my collection at my parents house, but they're moving and I felt it was high time to make a collection post, since I have to pack up everything for a bit. Please excuse the quality of the pictures; a basement bedroom and phone camera are not the best combination.

Shiny Hasbro Figures.jpeg

All but two of the Shiny Hasbro figures I had from childhood. It was my search for the final two that led me to this community and collecting pokemon merchandise! My collection is scattered about my room so I didn't take any setup or overview photos.

Side Collection shelf.jpeg

First up! The 'side collection' shelf. It's really just where I keep items that I like but don't have a place in my collection. This shelf is out of the way, so it's also where I put things when I'm trying to decide if I should keep or eventually sell. If anyone has the insert that goes with the Onix FCS please let me know!

Bookcase left.jpeg

Ignore the non-pokemon things that suck into frame! One day I would like to display my items by evolutionary or merchandise line, but for now the best way to display them is all mixed together. Which means you get a Genesect in every picture. I feel like I have too many of them, yet I still don't have them all.

Bookcase left closeup.jpeg

The card album on the left is from Japan's Miracle Crystal set, which released Celebi Gold Star. It's one of my favorite items. I also collect certain other 'questionably cannon' color and from changes - like the Orange Island Variants from the anime or the Pokken Tournament player two colors. I have a nearly complete Ash-Greninja side collection (no pictures of that, my bad!) that I'm not sure fits in with the rest of my stuff.

Bookcase left close 2.jpeg

Bookcase right.jpeg

Bookcase right close 1.jpeg

Miscellaneous items and flats are not a priority of my collecting, but I get them occasionally if they're fun or unique - like the mini gacha machine or TCG albums.

bookcase right close 2.jpeg

The giant Genesect is the Change! Action. It's another favorite because of its size, but it can be a little derp because it's joints were designed so it can transform.

Desk Shelf.jpeg

One of the walls in my room is a printed mural of a city skyline and Dear Arceus does this make pictures look chaotic.

mini display case.jpeg

I use this little case to store the rarer pieces in my collection The way Enteis legs bends infuriates me. Almost every piece of official artwork shows it's legs bending like a dog or cat but for some reason this figure's legs bend like a horse. The mini TCG album on top is where I keep my shiny TCG. I'm planning on shifting my focus to collecting them as I get close to completing my main goal.

Closet Shelf 3.jpeg

You can't see them, but the Banpresto Genesect is sitting on a box of Magikarp Jump! keychains. I love them but I'm keeping them in their box until I can get a way to display them nicely.

Closet shelf 1.jpeg

Closet Shelf 2.jpeg

This shelf has one of my favroite group of items: Deoxys! Specifically, Deoxys with a green core as it appeared in the Movie Destiny Deoxys. The black book on the right is the portfolio where I keep most of my flats. Many of which I would like to frame one day.


Close up! Let me know if you know of any green-core Deoxys items I don't have! I thought I had them all for years until I stumbled upon a stamper in a random sales post here. The footprint figure is also a bit of a mystery to me. I've bought two; one as a footprint figure and one on a Chou Get base. Did those two lines reuse molds? If not, which one is on the incorrect base? If you have inserts from either line let me know (I'll buy them!)

Plush shelves.jpeg

Plush! The Magikarp Cushion can be difficult to display. I have an idea for custom shelving for it that I will commission one day. The Shadow Lugia Pokedoll is from the first iteration of the Pokemon Center Online, for those who remember it!

Shiny Beasts.jpeg

Bonus pic of the Shiny Beasts! I received Suicune recently, and am relieved to finally have them all. I have the Shiny Tepig and Oshawott plush at my apartment, and am on the hunt for Snivy. I've managed to get most of the 'rare but not unreasonable' items. Unfortunately this means I still need to get the unreasonably rare items like the Sinnoh Tomy Startes and Lucario Moncolle Plus.

Thanks for reading! Since I'm packing this up I won't be able to take any close up pictures, but I would love to answer any questions you have!

And now the question! Where do you go for Pokemon Merchandise News? Are there certain twitter or Instagram accounts you follow? I'm especially interested in sites/accounts that track the less hyped merchandise like food items from japan and the random stuff that gets released in the U.S. I would also like to keep track of any merch exclusive to Korea, the upcoming Singapore Center, or Japanese lotteries. Is Daisuki Club exclusive merch still a thing?

Thanks everyone! Let me know if there is anything I need to edit in this post! I hope you all have a fun Halloween!

EDIT: tried to fix the locked photo
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