Heather Mason (heathermasanon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Heather Mason

Is this Flareon a bootleg?

I hope this is okay to post here!

I recently picked up this guy from a physical store. It's a cute little collector store with many legitimate Japanese imports, so I thought that this Flareon would also be legit. However, since a lot of the other Pokemon plush they are selling seem to be a little questionable (no hang tags; there was a cute Alolan Vulpix with a coat that I cannot find in any online source as well), I've started to wonder if maybe this guy is also a bootleg. D: Especially since I wandered into the store again yesterday and there was another of the same Flareon plushies hanging in the pile without head fluff.

Don't get me wrong; he's very cute. I bought him specifically because of the floppy ears. I just want to know for sure whether or not he is a bootleg in case I decide to sell my collection in the future.

imgur album link:



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