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Funny / MASSIVE Dice DISCOVERY (the more you know)

Note: I have like a HUNDRED of these, so if you are looking for a certain Pokémon- let me know.

I just pulled these out of storage after a year and wanted to start hunting again.

So I was going through my dice collection yesterday to help charmeleon1991 find something and I stumbled across a MYSTERY I put on the back bunner awhile ago.

I have a pair of dice, both from the Zoroark movie, and they are completely identical EXCEPT for the number 4.

It always URKED me- why one had Dawn and the other had Flaaffy and Amphy- so I just put it aside...

UNTIL YESTERDAY when I saw this picture online of someone selling their dice.

APPARENTLY, the dice and candy came with STICKERS! So THAT explains why one of my dice has Dawn!

But it got me thinking-

Did OTHER dice have stickers come with the packaging?

Spoilers- they did. As early as the AG & Diamond and Pearl era dice.

SO! I set out ALL of my dice and inspected them one by one- and pulled out at least 3 oddballs that DIDNT sit right with me.


This one is the MOST obvious. It has a white ring around the image and it looks so WRONG, I had to try it first. So I got an earring (I couldn’t find my sewing needle lol) and picked it away to find:

Girafarig! Like just WOW! What child would cover this up with a MAMOSWINE?!

But wait- there’s more! I have a dice with 3 sides that say the number SIX! There’s a discovery needed to be HAD.

And the last die I had, had the same rayquaza Sticker on it:

So there you have it! If you buy some dice that look SUSPICIOUS- probably means there’s a sticker over the original artwork.

Hope you enjoyed the post and had fun with my discovery! ⭐️

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