popper (raipop) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Gardevoir-Lilligant deck sleeves and Raichu -reminder- acrylic charm

Hello. I am looking for the Pokemon Center Gardevoir-Lilligant deck sleeves. I do not need a whole set (32 sleeves), I would love to have 6 sleeves or 2 sleeves for the least in case there is not enough supplies, unless somebody can offer me the whole set for the original price, not required and not very likely because they are worth a lot, I know.

I am also looking for the Pokemon Center 2016 Pika Festival Raichu acrylic charm. I already posted about it very recently.

Although I said I was looking for US sellers -I live in the US- in my Raichu charm post before, honestly I cannot afford to not accept offers from any part of the world.

Heads up! If you offer me any of these items there is a very high chance I will shamelessly ask you for a hold because of me not having enough funds at the very moment.

I greatly appreciate any offers or any helpful information. I also greatly appreciate sellers that have guts to deal with me to be honest!

Thank you for reading ^_^
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