goldenfennec (goldenfennec) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question about Tropical Sweets Bottle size? 300 ML??

Hi everybody, my gosh it’s been a while!
I’m looking into investing in a stainless steel water bottle and of course searching for Pokémon themed ones haha. I found an adorable one from the new Tropical Sweets line, but I am very confused. The picture of the packaging says the bottle fills 300 ML, and if I’m not confused, that’s TINY! Now I’m not one to need anything large at all, as I usually just stick with a standard small size bottle to fit in my bag, but those are around 500 Ml, and I can’t imagine something in stainless steel being almost half that size (especially with its shape).

Can anybody confirm for me if the bottle actually is really tiny compared to every other Pokémon bottle I’ve seen, being smaller than child’s size, or if it’s a mislabel of some sort? Thank you!

Link to product ^

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