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ebay sales and a want

Hello guys, I am just here with the usual...


lol Here is a link to the ebay account-

There are Pokemon Center plush, Build-A-Bear plush, and some non-Pokemon lots such as Digimon, HTTYD, BNHA, and Digimon so go check it out :)

I am also here because over the years I have bought and sold a lot, trying to figure out what my personal price range is and what I truly want to invest in, and I have made a lot of impulse buys and regrettable sales. One regret has stood out among the rest, and so here I am in search of a Sceptile Pokedoll. I know, I suck. I got my hands on one and then a couple years later I sold it because I weed out my collection a lot whenever a hardship presents itself, thinking I know that I have finally figured out what I really do not need to keep when in reality I never have a clue as to what I am doing.

I am looking to spend no more than $130, and even then that is pushing it. I will gladly accept one that has no tags for less too! I can also trade for it if that happens to be preferable, in case anyone is in search of the Vulpix Build-A-Bear that I have been holding onto because I am a sentimental fool and cannot bring myself to sell it just yet.

Also, I should note that I do not use proxy services, so I do not have the option of obtaining one through a Japanese auction or second hand, but if anyone finds one and is willing to middle man for me, I would be eternally grateful!

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