fairychrissy (fairychrissy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

October gets + wishlist!

Time for my monthly gets post! Very little stuff arrived for October. Nothing really new came out so I'm just trying to get some old stuff I missed out on.

First up my Kuttari! I love these plush so much! Especially the tags, the artwork is so nice.

Some straps, washi tape and the new Vulpix kid figure! I thought the Vulpix figure was cuter in the picture than in person, not sure why...

Petit fleurs!  These are so cute! Sadly my Vulpix one is tad loose so it doesn't stay together well.

Some random stuff that someone was selling for cheap! They forgot my alolan Vulpix button though, so hopefully I get that soon!

A Halloween pin Kickstarter I participated in! I love the wynaut pin so much lol. Also the Vulpix floral cup figure! 

Lastly some random pokemon pins I got because they were about to sell out forever! I was on the fence but decided to get it before it was too late. And I got a freebie heart container pin with it too!

Aaaand thats all for October!

Here's a small wishlist I have of some things, it's not quite up to date but most of it I still want!

Tags: collection update, litten, popplio, rowlet, vulpix

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