Dhui Ardor (fineflareon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dhui Ardor

Long time no sees, and I have never seen this before

Was'up guys!
It's been awhile, I don't come on here often since I buy from using a Proxy service, so I haven't really the need to come here all too often. But alas, I still really want to be part of the community some how. One day I'll find my place here.
So simple reintroduction aside, while I was browsing Yahoo! Japan I came across this little guy,

and I was like "NANI?!" Whomst is this? Is this an offical Pokemon Center item? I've never seen this before, and I really keep pretty up to date on Poke' Merch news, or at least I try too. I don't normally miss too many things. Tell me if you know anything, please and thank you!

UPDATE: I've been informed that this is an Chinese Bootleg. So lemme change my question, does anyone have one of these bootlegs? Can you tell me the quality of it? :O I'm kinda interested, even if it is a bootleg. 
Tags: flareon, mimikyu
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