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Some Pokémon Magnet Review !

Hello all !

I don't post very often (like not often AT ALL), but I'm still there collecting pokémon stuff !
I would like to share with you my new things that I received this week, 4 Toyo Case Pokemon Magnet Hook (Pokemon Tail)!


They are really cute and handy on a metal support <3
I use them to keep my keys (as I always lose them in my house...), but they can hold notices on a fridge, soap etc...

I tried to see if it was possible to hold a jacket, it was possible with a lightweight one, for a heavier one, I had to hang it on both mew and espeon ^^

Otherwise, do note that, due to the shape of meowth and umbreon tail, not all the key ring can fit in. Still about Umbreon, its tail is pretty large, so it can't be used as a "perfect" hook as you can't raise the tail like other pokémon.

But still, I'm sure I will never forget to put my keys on those little things, so their usefulness is unquestionable <3

If you would like to know if an item can fit in or not, don't hesitate to ask me !
In hopes it was helpful <3
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