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Sales! Mirage Giant Bulbasaur!

Some sales of nice retro stuff, including a giant Serperior custom and a giant mirage Bulbasaur.

Sales permission from PkmnCollectors: from entirelycliched on May 9, 2013.
My PkmnCollectors feedback:

~ I ship from southern California, USA. I have regular access to the post office.
~ I welcome international orders.
~ Once your item is shipped out, I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you are concerned, please specify if you'd like tracking/insurance on your item.
~ I can consider trades for Smash amiibos and recent Charmander line/Gary Oak merch.
~ Feel free to make offers! I try to use ebay as a price reference, but prices fluctuate of course.

(serperior sold)
Banpresto Serperior $20
Banpresto Emboar $20
Tomy Empoleon $40
Tomy Infernape $50
Pokemon Center Samurott $40
Pokemon Center Chesnaught $50

Mirage Giant Bulbasaur $115
Giant Sleeping Bulbasaur JPN tag $100
Pikachu in Squirtle/Bulbasaur costumes $40 each
Giant Squirtle taffeta $45
Large PBP Squirtle $20
Large PBP Blastoise $30

Mareep with Pikachu $55
Bayleef PakiPaki $50
Lugia $35
Mega Blaziken $40
Lapras $15
Bulbasaur oversized Pokedoll $100
Larvitar $18
Mirage Squirtle $30
Arceus Pokemon Center tto $25
Treecko Towelcloth $25

Friends plush:
Mareep $10
Dratinis $6 each
Hoot hoot $10
Horsea $7
Bellossom $8
Oddish $7
Treecko $6

Spheal $7 (Jakks throwplush)
Reversible Lickitung $8
Yujin Chikorita $5
Reversible nurse Chansey (missing one foot) $5
Reversible Sandshrew $8
Ledyba pencil topper plush $8
Bulbasaur strap $10
Treecko/totodile/mudkip strap $8 each
Poliwhirl $4
Kricketot $8
Piplup $6

Starmie $16
Machamp $20
Dewgong $17
Venomoth $17
Dragonair $15
Drowzee $10
Gengar $17
Magikarp $17
Weedle $10
Bellsprout $9
Mankey $9
Koffing $9
Geodude $9
Golbat $3, Oddish $3, Butterfree $3, Meowth $2 (Minimum order $5 please)

Paras $20
Ekans $20
Abra $25
Poliwag $15
Cubone $20
Spearow $6
Seel $6
Mewtwo/Dratini sold

Posters $15 each, 2 for $24. Shipping is $12 in a tube via Priority Shipping.

Pokeball bento lunchbox $25

rare Pikachu toaster $60

New Hoenn Art Book promo that is like a plastic poster $35

I also have a lot of Bulbasaur and Squirtle plushes I can sell to anyone who is interested in collecting these guys (decided to just focus on Charmander line).

Thanks for viewing!
Tags: bulbasaur, mirage plush, sales, serperior, squirtle
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