azureyoshi (azureyoshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Few plush looking for new homes

Greetings everyone,

It's been a LONG while since I've logged on here (Still been actively lurking and collecting though). Not sure if a lot has changed with LJ since then, or if the rules have changed alot on PKMNCollectors since then (Probably been about roughly 2 years since I've been really active on here. So, if anything is wrong or needs to be changed just let me know). Anyways, I have a few plush today that are looking for a new home. It took me a long while to come to a decision and while the choice was tough to let them go, I think maybe some folks would enjoy them more than I would. They're all NIP w/tags, and have never been displayed (Been safe in storage with a lot of my other brand new plush).

Sales info & plush hereCollapse )

As always, thanks for viewing/reading!
Tags: charizard, sales, xerneas, yveltal

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