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Looking for regional Soulsilvers and Pokewalkers!

Before the new stuff, a repeat of my merch wants: 

Just the Pyukumuku pin from the Pokemon Center set

The Pyukumuku dex charm

The Magnemite line dex charms

The Alola Festival acrylic Pyukumuku charm

The Pokemon Yurutto Pyukumuku charm

The Pokemon with You Pyukumuku can badge

The Pokemon Center 15th anniversary Magnemite/Magneton can badges

The one gachapon Magneton pin

Anyways, I'm looking for various region Soulsilvers! I already have US, KOR and JPN. In terms how much I want them:

Most wanted but unreasonable: The supposed LTN Spanish (more on that below) 

More reasonable: IPGD-NOE (German)/IPGI-ITA (Italian)

Less wanted: IPGF-CDF (Canadian French)/IPGS-ESP (European Spanish)/IPGF-FRE (European French) 

Least important: IPGP-EUR (European English)/IPGE-AUS (Australian English)

Yes, I'm aware there aren't major differences in the US/EUR/AUS English carts and the CDF/FRE French carts. As for the LTN Spanish (which is essentially a relabeled ESP), I've yet to see any proof that it exists but Bulbapedia claims there's one (though without a citation). I'm looking for the plastic box, inserts and cart at the minimum, but the outer cardboard box and Pokewalker as well would be nice, though pricey. I'm also looking for a plastic box for the Korean SS, but I doubt I'll get one. 

As for Pokewalkers, that's a lot more loose. The clip is nice but not necessary and they don't need working batteries either. 

Thanks for reading!


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