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Korean Dragonite Plush

Happy Wednesday to you all! 

I recently went to a local Japanese goods type store in the mall and came across some very cute and well made Pokemon plush. I posted some pictures of them and some people told me they were from a company called "3rd Round" who have an official licence and make really cute stuff! I was given some info and a link to a VERY large and adorable Dragonite plush, that I am told is an official plush but I'm still not 100% sure! It is suuuuuuper well made, honestly I think it's the best plush I have so far! Below the cut are some up close pictures to go over this absolute unit of a Pokemon! Please let me know if you have any information on who actually made this one!!!

Possible 3rd Round Dragonite Plush
First I wanted to show just how dang huge this plush is! 19" tall and a wide boy as well. Here he is (right) sitting next to my 13" Tomy Legacy Dragonite plush (Left)
Side view, showing off his jumbo tail! Everything on this plush is made of suuuuuuper soft minky fabric. The claws are double sided, full, and beautiful. I'm not the biggest fan of when plush just have one piece of felt for their claws, much like the WCT Dragonite plush.
Back view. The stitching up the back is perfect, something I was a little worried about. No loose stuffing or anything, all the stitching seems very solid! Antenna are a little lop sided but I don't mind that at all either. They are chunky and stuffed and I love them.
Tummy is super soft and cuddly. He was stuffed perfectly and sits up on his own with no problem at all! Lines on the stomach are all stitched as well. You can barely see it, but he does have a little mouth under his big ol snoot as well!
Wings are soft, the stitching again is perfect on them! They don't stick out or anything and lay flat on his back, but so do almost all the other Dragonite plush I have as well! Bottom of his wing is a little smooshed from his trip here but not a big deal.
Embroidered eyes have no loose stitches on them. Very solid and even on both sides.
Here are all of the tags he came with. Now I was told this is a 3rd Round plush (at least, when I was first looking for him and sent pictures to others, they told me that is what he would be) but I can not find the 3rd round logo anywhere on the tags, and I am not sure what these tags actually say as I can not read Korean. If anyone can help me out by officially identifying who made this plush, I would greatly appreciate it!
Finally, here is a picture of my Dragonite collection so far! Waiting on a box at the moment with more dragonite things, and of course always looking for more! A big want of mine right now is the Dragonite Pokedoll!

I hope you all found this review helpful! This was another Dragonite plush that I had no idea existed until very recently, and I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it! It is the second largest Dragonite plush that I know of (the first being the 23" Dragonite Pillow Plush, seen in the group photo!) I do highly recommend this plush to any Dragonite collector, I just am really hoping to officially know who it is that made it! Thanks for looking!

Also if you like this community and enjoy chatting with other Pokemon collectors on the regular, please come join us in the Unofficial Pokemon Collectors discord chat! Lots of people from here are on there and I love seeing more people join us! https://discord.gg/4F7ZCET


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