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A look at my Dunsparce collection and new gets!

Although i am known for collecting everything Charmeleon i have also fallen in love with Dunsparce.
He is without a doubt in my top 3.

Therefore i have decided to start a Dunsparce side collection a while ago.
Unfortunately Dunsparce merch is not that easy to find but i have been fortunate to get most of them already. (Dunsparce Zukan is in the mail! Can’t wait!)

I have received two of them today and wanted to show them.
My cute little Gnocchi’s! (My Dunsparce’s nickname in the game)

I am not sure how rare the black carded charms are but i still got him for a reasonable price in my opinion. The BuruBuru i also got for a steal and is tagged!
So happy to finally have them!

My little Dunsparce collection is under the cut or else this post might be a little too long. >w<

Here they are in all their glory! So proud!

Don’t worry. The painted Dunsparce is not an original Tomy but a bootleg. The Dunsparce in front of him on the other hand is 100% legit!

There are still a couple of Dunsparce i don’t have yet. For instance the clear kids and the battle museum dittosparce. If anyone happens to have these for sale i would love to hear from you. ;3

I have on the other hand the Zukan on it’s way. Also a custom shiny Amigurumi is being made.

Thank you for having a look!
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