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Introduction!! Also a visit to Nintendo NYC!!

Hello!! This is my first post in the pkemoncollectors community and Im pretty nervous haha. Any way, Im still fairly new to this hobby, I only really started collecting in late 2016, roughly two years ago. I mainly collect newer Pokemon plushies such as Alolan Pokemon, and occasionally figures and cards. My collection isn't that impressive as I cant afford to buy tons of pokemon merch sadly. I mainly joined this community, as it is the only community I found that are really passionate about pokemon merch, and I just had to join!! I will show my collection another time (since its scattered all over my room lol) but I wanted to show you guys some pics I took of my visit to Nintendo NYC today. I may occasionally post updates of pokemon merch since I don't live very far from Nintendo NYC and I go there once in a while

The new Pokemon Christmas plushies are finally at Nintendo NYC!! I managed to buy Mew and was tempted to buy the Bulbasaur but I didn't have enough money for him :(

The Halloween plushies are still available (which Im kind of surprised.) The final evolution of the Alolan starters are new (including Sceptile), I haven't seen them on my last visit.

I believe all the Pokedoll eveelutions are 40% off, Im not entirely sure though.

These are the plushies that are on sale. Whats sad is that its always the same plushies, never have I seen other plushies being added to this shelf. Its either unpopular or the store ordered too much idk.

These are the shelfs where the big plushies are placed. It hasn't really changed all that much. Its usually the ones shown in the picture. (I really want that Kyogre aaa)

I really hesitated to add this picture since it has they guy in the background. The Alolan plushies aren't new, but most of the pokedolls are fairly new, like that Celebi and Jirachi. I didn't take a picture of the other side, but it had Arceus and Darkrai pokedolls (I really want them) and Latios plushies, I think.

There was also an event that took place on midnight to celebrate the release of Pokemon Lets go Pikachu/Eevee. I didn't go because I had school lol

The limited edition of the Lets go Pikachu/eevee switch as also on display!!

This is honestly a mess, but I hope to have a fun experience in this community and I hope you can accept me as part of this community :)

Tags: arceus, bulbasaur, celebi, charmander, darkrai, eeveelution, jirachi, mew, pokedolls, pokemon, squirtle
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