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Need ID on a few items

I've seen a few people in the community have websites with their collections posted. They're really cool and well put together, so I've decided I want to do this as well, partly because I have so much of it but also because some of it I don't know what I have. There's a number of plush and figures that I'm having trouble finding an origin for. I'm most interested in Manufacturer and Year of make, but all information is useful! If anyone knows what any of these are, I'd appreciate any information!

1)Both these plush appear with the name "Yawaraki" associated with it and I believe they are UFO Catcher prizes. They're obviously different plush, but are they both "yawaraki"? What year were they made? I have a satisfactory amount of information on these, but if you have any additional info I always appreciate it.

2) I know this is called a Chirimin plush and that it was a UFO catcher prize. Does anyone know the year or manufacturer on this? I got enough info on this one. Thanks!

3) Ok seriously what even is this. It's sticky and gross but also fun to play with. And when I say sticky, I mean REALLY sticky. Like handling freshly chewed gum sticky. The base is not part of the figure.

4) I can't find any information on this. I don't even know what these are called. Any ideas?

5) It's clearly a pencil topper based on it's size and the hole in the bottom, but I'm not turning anything up when I look for pencil toppers..

6) I asked a seller on here about these but I figured I'd add it to my list. What are these little buildable standees? Found this one while I was surfing other collection databases! It's from South America and was packaged with Frito Lay chips for a short time.

7) I love this little guy! But I have no idea what he is? he's very tiny, only like half an inch tall.

8) I think these are called "cylinder stamps"? I had one of pichu, pikachu, and teddiursa as well.

9) Ok there's like a trillion "pokemon keychain"s out there so I don't even know where to start looking for this one. He's a newer Banpresto item!

10) I... have no idea what this is. I really have no idea. ID'd this one too! It's a weird Crayon!

Anyway, here's what I've got that I need some info on. I think a few of it is just my inexperience with the history of pokemon collecting? If anyone knows what any of these are, who made them, and when, I'd love the help! Thank you! :)

Edit: Editing to add one more question. Those metal pokemon figures by kyodo... do they all come in multiple colors? I have a gold and a blackish gunmetal color, I'm wondering if there's more? I've seen silver and blue but idk if Quagsire comes in those colors.
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