jennyvndrblock wrote in pkmncollectors

looking for tomy vulpix keychain

I'm just getting started with collecting and my goal for right now is a set of figures for my go-to party! Hoping to find the keychain as my vulpix representative but haven't had any luck searching — does anyone have one available? Keychain part doesn't need to be intact, just after the figure. Thanks!

Edit: Actually on the topic of collecting my party, I'm also trying to decide whether to go for a tomy or kids ponyta. The rest will be tomy, but my concern is that the ponyta's scale is too far off to fit in (as the rest are all small pokemon — chikorita, seel, eevee...) so maybe the kids will look bigger in comparison. Would anyone who has both those ponytas and some other tomys be willing to do me a huge favour and grab a picture of them together with one of those other guys so I can see how they size up?


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