azureyoshi (azureyoshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mega Charizard X/Y Plush still up for sale

Hey everyone,

Both of the US PokeCen Mega Charizard X and Y plush from my previous sales post are still looking for new homes. Prices have been lowered on both of them since I wasn't sure what to price them at to begin with (Plus, I really need to move things soon for room painting and other renovations). Both are NIP w/tags, and have never been displayed (Been safe in storage with a lot of my other brand new plush).

Asking for $25 each (Or $20 OBO each) before shipping. Both Sold. Thanks!

Sales Permission granted by [info]lineaalba on November 24, 2009

I have my old & new PKMNCollectors feedback posts here just in case anyone's curious:


  • I can hold items for up to 24 hrs. After that they will be put back up for sale if I do not hear from you.

  • I'm not looking for any trades at the moment.


  • I am only accepting Paypal payments at the time.

  • Please state what you have purchased from me along with your LJ name in the PP Memo. That would be a big help for me! :D


  • Shipping is from Virginia, and I am only shipping within the U.S. for now. Shipping will be $6.00 for each plush, or $8.00 if you get both together (Shipping in a large bubble mailer for one, or box for both. Shipping by USPS Priority Mail.).

  • I do not have control of what happens to your items once USPS gets a hold of them (I'll be adding a tracking number anyways since I get really nervous about them possibly losing things, lol). In the very rare occasion that you do not receive your items, please notify me as soon as possible.

As always, thanks for reading/viewing! :D
Tags: charizard, plush, pokemon center

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