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I need help and opinion from the community. A long time without posting, let's go!

Greetings to all, this post is somewhat longer, some people here know me but every time there are more new faces.

First of all, I apologize for my poor English, I hope you can understand me, okay?

I ask you to take the trouble to read it, please. It is very important, since I feel that this will help untangle aspects in my life :)

I arrived here in 2016, after a long time evaluating entering I decided to do it.

I love the merchan as each of us here, as soon as I had the opportunity to ask for a sales permit, I did it.

I did it in this account, this account was opened because I wanted to change the username without having to pay for it, obviously.

I applied for my sales permit here, everything was ok for me to get it. It was delayed, many, many, many months.
Exactly one year ago, I went through a horrible, fatal period, submerged in an absolute depression, I ended up even leaving the community.
I had problems with a reform, my mobile phone broke down and I did not have access to my computer.
In that period, I was interested in the article of a seller here with a very good reputation, I was very interested because it was something I had been looking for, but after requesting it, due to my personal problems I could not access the community.
She gave me a negative assessment without asking me before, and, coincidentally, the sales permit administrator just answered me.
When I had that negative assessment, he denied my permission.

I had done everything perfectly and had waited so many months to be able to participate actively in the sales so that they denied me the sales permit in the most unfair way possible.
I tried to talk to the person in charge of the negative feedback, I was trying to cooperate for weeks, I explained my situation, everything. She said that the rules were the rules, without more. Without any empathy. This greatly aggravated my depression because, the reason that distracted me and made me happy was also the architect of my ordeal.
Finally I decided to leave the community.
After a while out of the world, I decided to go back, try to contact again on many occasions with the person but he did not even answer me anymore.

So in May of this year I decided to rescue the old account and apply again for my sales permit on the other account, as it was untouched.
I showed my ebay feedback (immaculate), I showed my feedback of wallapop (unpolluted), but of course, again months and months of waiting and still no response.

I recently read a post that is what motivated me to write this today, and what I hope, that it works for something.

I met Pokémon Collector's Guild on Facebook thanks to several users here who posted it.

After weeks of trying out what that community is like, it's definitely not for me.
Of course much more active, (this seems dead), there I know I can post my sales without hesitation, without problems, I think it is much more consistent, now, I do not like it. That is, if I feel forced to go, I will, but I have been seeing this community for 4 years and I have been active for more than 2 years.
I like the family and affectionate atmosphere and I like the format that is here, it is endearing, and I want to post my sales as one more.
Here there are no moderators who are pending the sales permit, I feel that the '' bureaucracy '' here does not even work anymore, that is absolutely dead.
So after all this text (I thank you if you have read it) here is my question:

Do you think it would be ethical to post my sales without permission?
I mean, I have the feeling that, if I post my sales nobody will realize that I have permission or not, no moderator is going to tell me anything, I consider that I deserve to do it and before going to Facebook I prefer to express myself and ask for consensus from the people here.
I know that many of you are already there but I repeat, to me PKMNCollectors is comfortable, endearing to me.

It really depresses me how unfair it was that I was denied sales, I did not deserve it.
I want to be a 100% user like any of you, of course.
Because of course, waiting for when, another year and something negative happens, it is absolutely ridiculous that the engine of this community stops, no sales can not buy anyone, right?

What do you think?

On the other hand, I've seen users who have transparent stands where you put figures and plushes, I've been searching for time and I do not know where to get, I need one to place on my bookshelf, I intend to put three heights, big plush toys, medium small stuffed animals and Below figures, I would like to know if anyone knows of any online site where they sell stands to place figures on shelves.

I would also like to show everyone my Zubat line collection, I am eager to sell important pieces of my old collection to continue expanding the Zubat collection.

As soon as I have a stand to place everything correctly I will show my collection :)
Again, I appreciate if you have taken your time to read this, it is important to me.

A warm greeting to this family :)
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