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Pre-Japan Clear Out Sale!

You read that right! In a few short months, I will be moving to Japan to study abroad for half a year! I assume I will be going to the Pokemon Center pretty frequently, so I would love to clear out some old stuff! Remainders will be placed on eBay swiftly!

I removed a few items from my Rowlet line and Espeon collections to add to previously listed items!


~ Sales permission granted by allinia on 6/10/14.
~ My feedback can be found HERE.

~Shipping rates:
Flats: start at $1
Non-flats USA: Start at $4 (small plush and figures)
Non-flat International: Starts at $13.50 DO NOT COMMENT IF THIS IS NOT OKAY.

~ I have the right to refuse to sell to ANY community member that has accumulated negative feedback. I will NOT sell to individuals who are banned or disrespectful.
~ You have 24 hours to send your payment after committing. Backing out results in the item(s) being relisted and negative feedback. However, please contact me if there is a circumstance I should know about.
~ NO HOLDS UNLESS 100% COMMITTED! If you back out of a hold you will get negative feedback.
~ Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and fees unless otherwise stated.
~ Shipping is from the USA.
~ I almost always use recycled shipping materials to save both of us money.
~ CLAIM POLICY: Please ask for a quote if you are unsure about shipping costs. However, if another member fully commits to the same item, they will receive priority. Committing to full price is priority over haggling.
~ Trades: not accepting trades at the moment.
~ FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE! Don't feel insulted if I won't accept. :)
~ Paypal is the only method of payment I accept.
~ I ship my items through USPS (and mostly First Class).
~ Items come from a non-smoking, pet-free home.
~ I am a busy Snivy that has to juggle intense school work and life. I will try to ship your item between 1-5 days, but please be patient if I am in a difficult position.
~Once an item is shipped, it's out of my hands. I cannot be held responsible for USPS's problems.
~ I will leave feedback once our transaction is complete, meaning the buyer must leave positive feedback before I leave feedback! If something causes you to want to leave any neutral or negative feedback, PLEASE contact me first! I want to help!

Rowlet Line PC plush lot - $50 (Rowlet is JP TTO, Dartrix is US NWT, Decidueye is US TTO)

JP PC Rowlet Kimono plush and mascot lot - $35

JP Espurr Wanted Set of Meowstic Plush TTO - 17 inches each - $90 OBO

Rowlet lot - $38

Ash's Rowlet set of figure straps - $12

Extra Large (~16 in) Crushed Velvet Banpresto Piplup - $30

Mystery Dungeon Charmander TTO (custom scarf) - $60 OBO

TOMY XL Fennekin Plush TTO - $30

Pokemon Time Espeon Mascot NWT - $30

Pokemon Time Espeon tin - $20

Rowlet soft velboa plush w/ ceramic eyes in the style of PlushPlush / made by Ashstar Creations (aka ishtaryasha)/ paid $60 - asking for $25

Banpresto terrycloth Charmander (no tags) - $8

Lot of both Espurr JP Kuttari MWT - $20 for both

Substitute Plush JP MWT - $20

Wartortle Sanei All Stars Plush MWT - $15

Meowstic stamper (still has pink ink) - $5

Latios Pokemon Time bookmark - $5

Silvally/Gladion tin badge - $6

Jakks Turtwig (no tags) - $4

Clear JP TOMY Zygarde figure - $5

Pop'n Step Dancing Bulbasaur- $15

Grass Type puzzle by Ensky - $10

Team Mystic Lids hat - $10

Steven Stone plastic poster (wasn't stored properly so very warped and bent) - $5

Shiny Espeon keychain - free with any order over $20 (may increase shipping)

Free with any order over $10 (may increase shipping)

I have a TON of non-Pokemon sales in my journal if you want to add onto your order:

Until next time,
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