SpikeRChick (spikerchick) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WANTS: Overseas Pokemon Promo Toys, Flats, Game Boxes

Looking for a couple of McDonald's 2017 non-US toys if possible, mostly Latin American, I believe.
I ~*know*~ the Komala is and the others were elsewhere.
Specifically, I am seeking the second ("dashing") Pikachu, the third ("attack") Pikachu, the Komala and the three Alola starters WITH BASES--the US ones DO NOT have bases and those look SO MUCH BETTER!

I am also, believe it or not, looking for some mint McDonald's toy BAGS/inserts for an acquaintance who collects Pokemon advertising. Specifically, Solgaleo, Grubbin, Pikipek, Rotomdex and Thundurus (to match what was either missing or damaged from ~my~ collection) and then any of the ones from any foreign releases if possible. I am also on the lookout for and advertising flats from any previous McDonald's years (2011, 2012 for the US, others for foreign releases).
I know that's kind of a quirky request, granted but with this community having a worldwide reach, you just never know!
Also, if the Pokemon the First Movie VHS came with an insert, does anyone have a picture of it?

For that same acquaintance, I am also looking for some Pokemon game ~boxes~, for the same reason.
In order of desirability, these would be:
* Conquest
* Dash
* Trozei
* Typing (EU ONLY, I know!)
* Ranger (all three)
* Mystery Dungeon (all)
* Super Mystery Dungeon (both)
* Rumble (Both)
* 4th-Gen
* 5th-Gen
* 6th-Gen

Thanks in advance for any help! Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!
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