missdizzzy (missdizzzy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some wants and sales and etc.

Hello! 😄

It's been a while my collection doesn't have a considerable update, I got some new items, but once I'm moving from my house, they're all on warehouses actually! 😓

But I'm on search of (maybe) some items.

Like I did on US/UM release last year, I'd love to know if there's any official stuff for this art (poster, postcard, tcg sleeves, etc). If it exists I'm very interested on them. It's for my Lance collection, of course! 😊

Also, is anyone making pickups for these Kalos badges already?? I need the Lysandre's badge really much!! 😍😍 And Sycamore's too.

Just to remember, I live in Brazil. If you have a problem about shipping to my country, I'm gonna ask you strongly to not even leave a comment here! I had a problem about it on my last post, the user was very rude and they're banned from my sales and commissions because of that!

Thank you very much! 💕
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