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Select Gets and More

Hi all, it's been a great amount of time since I've had pictures to show. Here's some gets within the end of 2017 up to now in 2018.

I've brought a lot of interesting things to the table.. literally! Pictures galore under cut in a link.

That's it for today's gets.. but I have one more image to share if you are willing to see.

It's not Pokemon but it's one of a kind and I'll be pretty happy when this arrives in the mail. I made a post about ordering some custom plush, and the one tht I had ordered is nearly done. A spotted bat! Here is what it looks like as of the latest picture:

I asked the crafter (Cryptic Enigma, who is amazing and has great prices for custom plushes) and after one adjustment I will be getting this soon. And a week from now is my birthday, so I might just get it in time for that date.

If you had read my last post, I've been trying to decide on a shiny Pokemon plush from them also: I've not been set on a shiny Umbreon, but I will consider shiny Noivern for early next year!

If you've been reading this whole time, I congratulate you.

I hope everyone's holiday season is filled with happy times and gets! Bye!
Tags: cards, gets, glaceon, tcg, typhlosion, xerneas, yveltal
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