Crocheted Pokemon

I ended up getting into crochet for about a month or two, it's been fun learning how to do it and as well as seeing how patterns and things work, these are mine that I've done, most of mine don't have patterns though as I kinda just yolo'd and made my own pattern since none of the patterns I found I actually liked haha.

The shiny butterfree and the normal one are a couple~ I made it for me and my long-distance boyfriend because he loved that episode where Ash helps his butterfree to find his mate, so now he takes the shiny one on adventures and I take my normal one on my own daily life journey so that even though we're far apart we can still kinda feel like we're together on dates and things. 

(Although my butterfree is slightly salty I took his girlfriend away)

Surprisingly there was such a high demand for my lil creations so most of these have been sold... my workbench is now pretty empty with only my pikachu, gengar, rowlet and bulbasaur chillin' on it.

I've been so busy I've forgot to take pictures of my umbreon, growlithe, slyveon, espeon, charmander, and eevee >__>" so I'll have to ask my customers to take a picture of them so I can show you guys!

I still have an arcanine, cubone, vaporeon and jolteon left to do for a commission... I wonder what I'm gonna crochet after that... I was thinking maybe a a giant super-sized mudkip, though I still want to have a go at making a cyndaquil, lugia and lapras so that's definitely on my to-do list.

what would you guys wanna see?


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