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New Sales w/ Pikazard Stuff!

A friend of mine recently took me to their storage unit and passed off a handful of pokemon items to me to sell. They had quite a few Pikazard things from the Mega Tokyo 2014 Pokecen opening among other stuff. I've updated my sales with everything and have also lowered prices on any old stuff.

Prices are based off of ebay listings but reduced - that said, please don't be afraid to offer if you think a price is unfair. I was unsure about some
things - especially the zukan w/ missing pieces.
Also - I may take a few hours to reply. I have been a bit slow lately so apologies for that.

In other news, I've added a few exciting things to my main collections.

I finally have the clear absol attack kid, yay! I purchased it in a lot of other clear kids on Mercari (the others of which went up for sale in my last post).

And most notably - this Weavile pass case. I had seen one pop up in a big lot on Mercari for the first time a few months back, but could not justify the cost of everything at the time. I had only a small photo of the front side at that point as well, and hoped another would come along so I could at least see it more clearly. I got lucky last week and found it for sale in a very unexpected place - a Toreba FB group.
The purse is about 4" and attached to a long purple cord. It's long enough to go over my shoulders, so I could see myself potentially using it sometime. There is a small pocket on the front.
I love the vibrant artwork - both great poses for Weavile. It doesn't have a date on it. I'm sure it was released around the Lucario movie, but if anyone knows what specific promotion it was part of, I would be curious to know.
Tags: absol, sales, weavile
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