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Amazing New Gets!

The 2018 winter promo blanket is a little smaller than I hoped, but is super fluffy! Excited to use the neck warmer this winter!
SUPER excited to get these rarer sylveon movie promos! I always wanted the charm holder but I honestly never realized it was so HUGE! It was super cool that it came with some charms though.
I'm sad I didn't get into the sweets promos earlier, a lot of the adorable figures are hard to find now. I was able to get stickers are these nice folders though! And another sylveon scrunchie I hadn't gotten yet!
Got some of the older pokemon friends that I was looking for, the only one I want left is lugia. And some amazing pokemon sticker books that I absolutely love!!!
Can't believe I was able to find the sylveon promo pens!! I was also able to get the sylveon glass figure and the new gacha keychain. I was also able to get some really cool keychains from a food promo.
I absolutely love this glass!!!!!! It's a great size and is super cute!
SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THESE!! I was able to get an old sylveon sticker and an old sylveon name card. I can't believe I was fortunate enough to get the shiny sylveon card at not a crazy price!!!!

Super happy about these gets! Got some old wants and some new wants. 

I finally got sales permission so hopefully I can get up a sales post soon. I have some stuff that I would love to give to caring homes!


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