Odd gets + Sales update!

Hey guys! I got a box from Japan today and I got some really... Odd stuff I've never seen before, plus some stuff from recent promos. Pictures under the cut!

Also a sales update with some plush and a lot of figures and misc! Click my 5 minute made banner to go there!

Tins! I bought a big lot of tins. Meiji tins and Pokemon center tins. Mew is mostly what I bought them for, the top SPARKLES! Also 3 coins tupperware and pitcher.

See? It's so pretty.

May's Bulbasaur — I fixed him up. He had some marks on him and the stitching was undone on his plant, so I sewed them back on and washed him up.

Jakks PMD Piplup! His little bow is so cute!

My small but growing mew collection and some others, like the new its demo pichu, old banpresto mewtwo and mcdonald's larvitar. Ignore Gatchmon!

My 3 coins storage basket filled with new plush — Halloween Pikachu, Little Tails Pika riding Blitzle, Substitute (mwt! he came back to the pokecen  for a little while in Japan so a friend picked me up one), duskull pokedoll and Mew plush pass case.

And lastly... This tin. It's a bus, and the wheels actually work so it rolls. I've never seen it before! It has other Pokemon on the back, too.

Oh, and this cup. I haven't decided on whether I will sell it or not, but it's cute. It has other Pokemon on the other side.

I chose not to include smaller figures. I'll make a separate post for them later. Thanks for looking!


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