ArtsyAxolotl (athkore_omnirok) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wooper/Quagsire Collection Page!

I've been following this group for a little while now and recently discovered collection websites. I just adore them. It's so fun to look through a species-specific Pokemon collection page and see all the love that was put into gathering and identifying all the items.

So I was inspired to do the same!

(Click da pic! :) )

This page has my whole collection on it, minus a few things I haven't gotten around to photographing yet (a couple of plush that live in my car, some flats I just got, and my TCG cards). I've found as much information as I was able, and this is about as done as it can be. That being said, if any of you notice any incorrect information, please let me know! I did my best to ID everything correctly but I'm sure I missed a lot or made some incorrect assumptions.

And of course if anyone has anything on my Wanted list, hit me up cuz I'm always in the mood to buy more blue babies ;)

I hope you enjoy these happy little babies as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by!
Tags: quagsire, wooper
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