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small update

Hello again everyone!

I'm back with a small collection update, that I would like to share with you all! :D

But first a preview:


First up is my package from polahbear! They're kuttari's and the rotom halloween charm!

I'm in love with them! I fell in love with Wimpod, since he has a unique shape and a half sleepy look on him. :3 I love how this recent kuttari release has them less of a rectangular shape.

Next are mudkip-line stuff from shuuichi_chan! I had both mudkip variants of the kuttari, but only the awake marshtomp one, so I wanted to complete the evo line, and the sleeping one is adorable and look peaceful <3 The minicot was something I was chasing over for some time, but I wanted a good oppertunity for it. It's been a while since I expanded my mudkip collection.

For a while, I was trying to find a necklace for my 1:1 Alolan Vulpix plush, and thought this bracelet would fit, but it was too small.

It seems to work for Virizion though :3

Target recently has been getting the other pokeball plush from Tomy in, and I snagged Cutiefly.

This WCT Eevee was from target too! really good quality!

Went to mcDonalds for lunch and got Palkia with some cards. I was hoping to get a porygon card, ah well. XD

Picked up this guy from gamestop. I really liked the bright fabric chosen for him. I carried him around in my lunchbag like a little dog XD

Spicewolf from shiny_vulpix! I'm slowly inching my way to obtain all of the Pokemon Dolls line, and this guy was a fine start!

Next is a package from my middleman! I couldn't help myself with the Ekans, he's just so cute <3

I've also eyed Ampharos, hoping that he'd get a US release. When I saw that he didn't, I had to get him from Can we just appreciate the tagart on him?!

Last but not least is the Poliwhirl kutakuta. I found him on an obscure shopping site along with B-USApyon. I think that this is the cutest plush of him.

I'm naming him SausageNoodle.

tbh I was expecting the Pokemon Fit plush to be smaller then this. No complaints though!

A week later, another package from my middleman arrives too! Mainly yo-kai watch items, but I found a good amount of pokemon stuff. The Froslass was a birthday gift I got for a friend.

Midday form was a lucky deal for 200 yen! Now on my way to search for the midnight form.

Close ups of the kutakutas. This has got to be my fav plush of Wooper ever. He's so ridicoulously floppy.

Psyduck looks like a little platypus XD

Mofu-mofu paradise plush. After seeing pics of them on instagram, I have Mareep and flaaffy on preorder with someone on here, I wanted to get them. These guys since they are crazy soft!

After getting scammed 3 times for a Pokecen Arcanine plush, i settled for the mofu-mofu Arcanaine instead, and he's worth it <3 As for Whimsicott this has to be it's softest plush! I ordered the rest of the line which should arrive sometime soon.

I'm surprised that they passed up some other fluffy pokemon plush that fit this line, such as Furfrou, Swablu, Torchic, Jumpluff, Lopunny, and Cinccino.

Group shot of my kutakuta collection so far. Just missing on 3 before I complete the line. Missing Quagsire and both size versions of the sleeping pikachu.

Well, that concludes this collection update, thanks for looking everyone!

Tags: arcanine, ekans, marshtomp, mudkip, psyduck, virizion, wooper
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