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First post - Introduction!

Hello everyone! My name is floatwhale. I started lurking on pkmncollectors about a year ago and have built up a variety of merchandises since then. I collect figures (focusing on zukan recently after following a couple of zukan enthusiasts on twitter) and buy plushes for my SO.

My interest in collecting Pokemon merchandise started about over a year ago after I found out about ribbon mastery in the Pokemon games. It started with a simple goal to purchase a shiny Entei zukan (that unfortunately came without a leg) through yahoo auctions... and before I knew it, I've now found myself addicted to plastic crack. I still have not done a full ribbon master to this day.

Here is my grail that I got last month!
wailord zukan small.jpg
Wailord Zukan! It's my priciest item by far, but I have no regrets with the purchase. I'm in awe at the size of this lad.

kyurem black small.jpg
Kyurem Black action figure! I got this unreleased product off taobao at an OK price and it is exactly what I expected. Absolute GAD lad. One day I will get his band back together.
shiny noctowl small.jpg
Shiny Noctowl tomy! I like shiny pokemon and never thought I would have this guy on my hands.

Some of my other collections. As you can see, they are rather random, for a lack of a better word.

Tags: introductions, noctowl, tomy, wailord, zukan
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