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Some Sales!

Hi all! I’ve updated my sales with some new items!


-I was granted sales permission on Oct. 20th, 2015 by arecia96.
-My feedback is located here
-All pkmncollectors rules apply
-Paypal only
-Payment is due within 24 hrs of a commitment, unless prior arrangements have been made
-I am willing to do holds, but they will be treated as a commitment.
-Backing out of commitments will result in negative feedback.
-Please make it clear if you are asking for a quote or are committing. Unless your post says "Can I get a quote for..." or something similar, I will assume that you are committing.
-Haggling is allowed. However, I reserve the right to reject offers or give counter offers.
-All items come from a non-smoking, pet-free home!
-I ship from Massachusetts, USA., and I ship internationally

Items for Sale

All plush in this image are Japanese and mint with tags!

Rowlet Oteire Please Plush: $18
Corsola Pokecen Plush: $20

Stoutland MPC Plush: $5
Servine MPC Plush: $4
Larvesta MPC Plush: $5

Meowth MPC Plush: $10
Slowpoke MPC Plush: $10

Litwick MPC Plush: $5
Lampent MPC Plush: $8
Chandelure MPC Plush: $10
(Or get all 3 for $20)

Frillish M MPC Plush: $5
Jellicent M MPC Plush: $8
Jellicent F MPC Plush: $8
(Or get all 3 for $18)

Tyrunt MPC Plush: $8
Amaura MPC Plush: $9
(Or take both for $15)

Klink MPC Plush: $4
Klinklang MPC Plush: $4
(Or take both for $6)

Pokemon Mate Trainer Notebooks: $6 each or $10 both
Dusk Wings Lunala Preorder Figure: $10
TCG Cards: $2 each
Lillie Custom Charm: $5
Winter Pokepuff Pin: $9
Mega Slowbro Poncho Pika Figure: $9

Tokage Plush (MWT): $15
Neko Atsume Sticker Sheets: $5 each
Rilakkuma Puttito: $3

I also have some Pokemon stickers, charms, and prints on my etsy! You can find it here

Thanks for looking!
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