pokemoncats (pokecats) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets and First (and quick) Sales post!

So my packages from schenzi arrived!, and they were not kidding that the bag is large. But...I am actually okay with it.

I used a Lucario kid figure for size reference
schenzi also threw in a Giratina seal :3

Also this sticker! No clue as it to whether or not it is official or not, just think it looks cute on my laptop (I apologize for the Coast Guard sticker, this laptop formally belonged to my dad and was on his boat most of the time).

That is it for the gets. I also wanted to let y'all know I was granted sales permission, and posting my first sales now. I am purposely keeping it short, and basic though this time around, but it'll grow after Christmas (more figures, some flats, and the plush). Right now it is just a couple small things.

Thanks for reading!!
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