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Shop open for 1 week! Major sales in shop!

Hello hello all.... :) i am suuper busy so I have been putiing pokemon on hold for now (Tho i have gotten in som AWESOME latios merch in the past few months)..i had alot of messages asking if my shop is open so i will be opening my shop for just this week!

I am also running a few BIG sales:

All plush are 30% off
All Bromides and Pan Stickers are Buy 3 get the 4th free
All Kid figures are buy 3 get the 4th free
All Clearfiles are buy 2 get the 4th free

My main shop can be found HERE

Because i man so busy, unfortunately i need to raise my minimums to 10$ for non flats and 5$ for flats so please keep this in mind!

aaand a pic to catch you eye!
no title

I have some additional items that are not in my shop that can be found below under the cut:

Granted sales permission by areica96 on November 7, 2015
-My Feedback can be found Here
-All community rules apply.
-I ship from Chicago, IL in the United States and I do ship international (buyer is responsible if there are customs fees)
-Prices are in USD
- Paypal only please!
-total will include paypal fees, cost of items, and shipping cost
-Shipping for non-flats starts at 3.50$
- First come, first serve. If you are committed to an item PLEASE say you are (asking for a quote does not mean you are committed).
- I will only sell to PKMNcollectors members and to no one who is banned or personally banned from my sales.
-If its not listed, its not available.
-If you have any questions feel free to ask.
-If you are worried about the condition of the item PLEASE ASK ME QUESTION OR FOR MORE PICTURES. I will happily provide more close up pictures of items just let me know. Many of my items are used and may have wear, it is the buyers responsiblity to understand the condition of the items before they buy them. I am not responsible if you choose to ignore my rules.
-No haggling please unless it says OBO
-Payment is due within 48 hours unless otherwise worked out with me
-I am a semi-slow shipper! Please allow up to 1 week for me to ship your item. Most items will be shipped out on the weekend.
-I reuse shipping materials. Let me know if you have a problem with that. Using new materials will increase your shipping price.
-All items come from a non-smoking home and I do not have pets
-I'm not responsible for lost or damaged items, once an item is out of my hands I have no control over it.
-Please leave feedback after your items arrive and I will leave you some too :)

Kuttari all JP ver NWT (from the first release)
Growlithe, Pichu, Pikachu, 15$ each
Leafeon: 20$ each
Mew, Vulpix, Slowpoke, Piplup: 25$ each
Sold: Both Espeon

canvas plush all TTO
15$ each
Sold: Starly

Pokedolls (all JP version) TTO (used condition)
Croagunk 2007: 20$
Eevee 2008: 20$
Charmander 2013: on hold
Flareon 2004 (x2): 25$ each
Espeon (no tags): 20$
Turtwig 2008: 20$

Pokedoll JP ver TTO (used condition)
Rayqaza large pokedoll (no tags, pilling)
Piplup 2008 (slightly dirty): 10$
Oshawott 2010 (slightly dirty) 12$
Torchic 2003 (x2 x1) 10$ each

Pokedoll JP ver TTO (used condition)
Celebi 2010: Sold
Deoxys 2013: Sold
Victini 2011 (x2 x1): 20$

Banpresto plush
Manaphy: 20$
Lucario: Sold
Loured: 20$
Wismur: 45$

Banpresto Puppets: 30$ each

Pokemon Time Gulpin TTO: 150$

Rokons Crystal Season Cushion (x2): 45$ each

Alola Vulpix Snowglobe: 80$

Pikachu Kororin TTO: 12$
Spikey eared pichu plush Pokemon Center 2009 (used condition) TTO: 17$
Banpresto Wobbuffet We Are Team Rocket 2014 NWT: 20$
Larger Wobbuffet plush Banpresto 2014 TTO: 20$
Pokemon center Charmander 2013 TTO: 15$

Winking Pikachu Banpresto 2003 TTO: 25$
Pokemon Center Osuwari Pikachu TTO: 35$
Pokemon Center Pacharisu 2007 TTO: 17$
Pokemon Center Scatterbug TTO: 15$
Pokemon Center Inkay TTO: 20$
Banpresto Spikey Eared Pichu 2009 TTO:  20$
Pokemon Center Hoopa TTO: 10$
Pokemon Center Mincinno TTO: 15$
Pokemon Center Yvetal TTO (has a small rip): 20$

5$ each

8$ each

3$ each

Keldeo Kuji figure NIP: 60$

Deoxys Defence Form Keshipoke: 10$
Deoxys Attack Form Keshipoke: 10$
Deoxys Normal Form Keshipoke: 10$

Palkia Pose 1 Keshipoke: 15$
Latias Keshipoke: 30$
Skymin Keshipoke sold
Blaziken Keshipoke: 15$
Blastoise Keshipoke: Sold

Plusle Keshipoke (Left): 7$
Plusle Keshipoke (Right):7$
Minun Keshipoke: 7$
Pichu Keshipoke: 10$
Sitting Pikachu Keshipoke Sold
Standing Pikachu Keshipoke: 5$
Winking Pikachu Keshipoke: 5$

Totodile Keshipoke: 20$
Piplup Keshipoke: 12$
Surskit Keshipoke Sold
Tropius Keshipoke Sold
Tyrannitar Keshipoke Sold
Glaceon Keshipoke: 40$

Blaziken Jumping Keshpoke Sold
NIP Treeko Keshipoke Sold
NIP Spikey Ear Pichu Keshipoke: 15$

Palkia Pose 2 Keshipoke: 15$
Shaymin Keshipoke:15$
Gible Keshipoke:10$
Regirock Keshipoke: 10$
Giratina Keshipoke: Sold
Metagross Keshipoke Sold
Torcoal Keshipoke: Sold

NIP Meganium Chupa: 20$
NIP Fraligatr Chupa: 25$
NIP Tyrannitar Chupa (NIP. keeping the out of package one) : 20$
NIP Ho-Oh Chupa (Clear): 20$
NIP Celebi Chupa: 15$

Pokepark post cards: 12$ each

Poke Park Opening Sign Featuring Jirachi, Mew, Pikachu, Celebi, Mudkip, Togepi, Treeko, Skitty, Torchick, Bulbasaur, and Psyduck: 15$

Pokémon Giant Ferris Wheel: 15$

Lugia's Spinning Ship (feat. Lugia and Wailmer): 40$

Gotta Dance Tour (Not entirely sure of the name of this ride) Features Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treeko, Torchick: 30$

Bumper Car Battle: Aqua vs. Magma Featuring Groudon and Kyogre: 40$

Disclaimer: these stamps are OLD, so many are dried out and require an ink pad. some have ink pads where the glue had dried out so they need to be re-glued to the plastic part (a quick easy fix). I do not have different ink colors so i cannot test any of the stamps before hand. the stamps are sold as is.

prices are listed beneath each pic!

6$ each

Mew, Mewtwo: 15$ each
Kyogre: 10$ each

6$ each
Steelix: 10$
Wynatt: 8$

Squirtle, Blastoise, Porygon: 7$ each
Quagsire: 8$
Kyogre: 10$ each

6$ each
Wartortle: 7$
Walrein: 3$

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Grovile, Sceptile: 7$ each
Jirachi: 8$ each
Entei, Rayquaza: 15$ each

Delcatty, Ralts, Kirlia, Slowking, Metagross: 7$ each
Hitmonlee: 6$ each

Flareon, Umbreon, Absol: 15$ each
Charmeleon, Charizard, shelgon 7$ each
Groudon: 10$
Milotic: 12$

6$ each

6$ each

flipping stamps! (each stamp has 2 different stamps inside! they are quite nice)

10$ each, Rayquaza is 13$

Thank you all! ^^
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