Wolf (myuutoo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

2018 Mewtwo Gets!!

i was blessed by the mailman today with some lovely new-release mewtwos!

Details and discussion under cut :3c

First up is the Pokemon Fit plush!!
I know these guys are made to be small - but having him in person?? He's so tiny and cute i LOVE him 😭💕
I think the little curl to his tail is pretty great uwu

Now this? My unfortunately-crappy camera can't do it justice.

it's the Megahouse GEM figure!! (Statue??)
This piece is gorgeous in person - the gradient colours in the swirl are super pretty.

I put it back in it's box after taking a few shots to share/post to my site. It doesn't feel particularly fragile or anything, but I don't really have display space for it right now,
so I decided it would be safer in storage lmao.

SUPER stoked to have both of these beautiful items ;o;

Tags: collection update, gets, mewtwo
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