zeraora (zeraora) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help Wanted! Alolan Vulpix & Mimikyu Plush Info Gathering!

Happy New Year everyone! As the title suggests, I'm going to start my new year working harder to obtain all the Alolapix and Mimikyu plush that I don't already have. But before I start searching for sellers, I want to ask those of you who are familiar with these two 'mons if there are any plush missing from my post here: https://zeraora.livejournal.com/961.html (this page is still under construction as I've not yet listed plush names at the time of this post). Please let me know what the missing plush is called and if possible provide an image of the plush so I know what to look out for!

For the past couple of years I've relied on MyFigureCollection to keep up with new plush releases, but there have been a few instances where I've discovered a plush that was not even listed on MFC. So from now on I'm going to pay closer attention to sites like Mikitzune, etc. for merch updates. I really don't want to miss out on new plush x.x

Thanks in advance for any information on new Alolapix or Mimikyu plush!
Tags: mimikyu, vulpix
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